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D.Corp Destroying your tumblr
Captain Glenorchy, you’re actually boring.. Make sure you check out Greeley diss Captain Glenorchy here >

Captain Glenorchy, you’re actually boring..
Make sure you check out Greeley diss Captain Glenorchy here >

Polaroid’s ‘The Real Image’ Mixtape

Some snaps from the last cypher session, full write up coming soon, along with the next cypher being shot on Sept 29. View the video

Download the track for free at

Burd Cage:
LMG Studios: studios

ARTISTS - in order of appearance


Special thanks to Burd Brain, L Street, Grant, Bryan & Merlyn, without your help this could not have been so dope. Thank you from the D.Corp team & LMG Studios.

Directed by Luke Gardiner - LMG Studios


Executive producer Luke Gardiner
Associate producer Rory Whiteside 
CO-PRODUCER Merlyn Moon - Paper Brain
Camera man Bryan Ross
Camera man Merlyn Moon
Camera man Grant “The baker” Baker


This is a peice LMG Studios commissioned for Ree Jays upcoming mixtape “Dreamchase Mixtape”, Original Photography by Alex Jovanovic (Freestyle images & LMG Studios), Artwork by Rory Whiteside (LMG Studios).

LMG Studios is a recording and media facility located in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne where D.Corp now resides.

Ree Jay:

Freestyle images:


Grindtime Australia  - “Blood in, Blood out” - This is what went down pre Cypher Sessions #4. 


While Okwerdz was in town he was chilling at D.corp studios - this was the V.Blog for the much anticipated battle at Grindtime Now Australia - “Blood in, Blood out” Okwerdz Vs 360.

This is how we fuck shit up. D.Corp Cypher sessions #4 ft.  Dunn D, PolaroidManaz IllCortextFilthy FilGreeleyRee JayAerow mcFluenceDribblesOkwerdz. Beat produced by the homie Contagious Florida. Big ups to the homie Cksunny for the media, without him Cypher Sessions #4 would not have looked this amazing! check out his stuff

CKsunny - 

Contagious Productions -

D.Corp Cypher sessions #4 - We had the unique opportunity to have some of the country and abroads most talented MC’s in one place at once because of the Battle Rap event being run by Grindtime - ‘Blood in Blood out’.. So we decided to shoot one big epic cypher. 

Beat by: Contagious Florida -
Cypher Sessions #4 Mixed & Mastered by LG & Highside @ D.Corp & LMG Studios
Directed, Shot & Edited by CKsunny -

Cypher in order of Appearance:
1. Dunn D
2. Polaroid-
3. Manaz ill
4. Cortext
5. Filthy Fil
6. Greeley
7. Ree Jay
8. Aerows
9. Fluence-
10. Dribbles
11. Okwerdz

(D.Corp) The Destruction Corporation:

Special Thanks to Trettz, Clay, Okwerdz & Contagious Florida for giving us his amazing hip hop skills for Cypher Sessions at the last hour.

Stay tuned for Cypher sessions #5

Cypher Sessions 3 Lyrics

So a few of you fans have asked for the lyrics for Cypher Session #3, so here they are.. Enjoy!


I’ve got a facial scar, from the blade of harm,

So now they call me Freddie Kruger with a Jason mask

Racing through the forest hunting for my pray 

Then I wave my arms, saying “faith has come,” the wait is done..

So let me set the demographic,

It’s pretty much about 20 epileptic rappers and 10 percent are savage..

So let the better happen,

Whether any men are stepping to the 10 percent that are dead or are set for action..

I want a girl that will sing with me in a mass hook,

So take the ‘x’ from the axis on graphs then say it backwards..

Battling Adams, babbling habit’s an anaphylactic fit,

Grapple an apple and snatch the core strength out of my Granny Smith..

My cameras flashing, the panorama views at your tits..

I’ll then extract the milk and form a lactic acid, shit!

I’m toxic minded, stop rewind it, search for whats inside it..

My thoughts will strike you like some sherbet to your tonsillitis, 

The cops are hiding, so I spat some mud to watch them diving,

Stabbed them with a pitchfork while observing 60 organs dying..

See I don’t need to prove I’m loyal

I’m unattainable like some gluten boiled, infused with some diluted oil..

These tunes of noise will blow your mind all in disputed coils

Of confusion coz once I sing it’s over like Susan Boyle

Unscramble my thoughts and notice how my narrow minds formed

Cutting the scene with words and techniques like a samurai sword

Channel my thoughts signalling out through a satellite call

And gravity’s wall couldn’t stop me coz I’ve analysed all

Filthy Fil

D.Corp kills it I’m awefull sone u need balls,

every time your ringing’ shit is listed like received calls,

its whack that all u kids are fuckin’ round with beat port,

thats why your shits up and down just like seesaws,

This shit is strictly business, Filthy Fil is thinking’

if hell still be spittoon’ with these vicious writtens if he’s seeing bitches..

You want me to be keeping promises, well jesus didn’t,

in the legal system u need a witness so people listen..

Actually that should mean religions illegal,

a massive beast will call for d corp to get rid of the evil,

Get hit with a needle if your door knocking’,

I could say that people love my punches the way that ive got your jaws dropping..

this topic is stupid but its fair real,

lets talk about your chicks hairy pussy is it there still..

I told her to shave fuck her looks, like we care Fil//

then I went and watched her cut through bush, like she’s Bear Gryyls//


I got no expectations after seeing devastation, 

I do not envy haters, I let them see my destination,

So stop the speculation, I drop a bar and leave them breathless waiting for someone to give them respiration..

This is a demonstration of why you shouldn’t hate on me,

your shits played out like a second hand play station 3,

It’s D.Corp.. we’re killing tracks and making beats, while your shits more fried then KFC..

So basically we’re with Polaroid, start taking some pictures, 

your a slave to the system like the ancient egyptians, 

stop making devilish threats I’m constantly in your Mrs so she always carries a pregnancy test.. 

Just accept I’m the best.. 

Now I’m getting respect, it’s funny you live the safe way but you’ve never been fresh, 

You either love my shit or else they have a fucking wing.. 

They say i look like a demon when they see my face just like this !!


Cook up the better raps, flip em in a frying pan,

spit em in a plastic bag and use it for later when your a drunken man..

You need the proper plan, to make sure that you understand,

on who’s a truer man, fighting for a hundred grand..

Or passing out a message to make a change for a better chance,

for your land and fams’, and the country that you stand..

I’ve studied hip hop like a study class,

all i needed was a pad and a pen and a beat that was super fat..

Checking the history, written lyrically heavy delivery, 

didn’t do anything now I’m re-entering editing miseries..

Negativity, histories, over me mentally, keeping the frequency, you best believe I be..

Yeah on the beat with that dope flow,

you may consider me as the kid with the afro..

Damaging microphones, condensers and stereos,

speakers and your headphones deffn till you hear this tone..

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